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Geotechnology Resources Sdn Bhd

Geo Technology Resources Sdn Bhd(GTRSB) is a geology and geophysics services company founded in 2011 as an enterprise business entity. Examining the contribution of past experiences to the current situation and high demand in this business, we enlarge our perspective by changing into a private limited company. GTRSB was established in January 2016 and we empowered by the professional and experienced management team and technical know-how in the geology and geophysics field.

Also, fields related to groundwater exploration, geothermal resources development, mineral exploration of contaminated land and sub-surface analysis.

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These are mainly our job and services provided to the client.

Shallow Geophysical Survey

refers to the process of using a non-invasive geophysical methods to investigate the subsurface features of the earth up to a depth of a few meters.


a branch of geology that deals with the study of water in the earth's subsurface, specifically its movement, distribution, and quality.

Geotechnical + Engineering Geology

is a two closely related fields that deal with the application of geological principles and techniques to the design, construction, and maintenance of civil engineering projects.

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Geotechnology plays an important role in understanding and managing the earth’s natural resources and ecosystems, and in making informed decisions about land use and resource management.


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