Our Service Provided

GTRSB focuses on providing unmatched level of experienced professional expertise with high technology and advance equipment in geophysics especially in two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) electrical resistivity imaging. We always eager to take any challenges in providing advance and high quality geophysical services to our clients.


GTRSB are highly experienced in shallow geophysical survey which applied to engineering, environmental and subsurface investigations. Our technique are non – destructive and continually preserve the original environment at the survey area.


Geological Terrain Mapping are carried out for the implementation of various activities such as land use planning, layout of new townships or development projects, soil erosion management and agriculture.We also provide geological terrain mapping services especially for development projects and agriculture at the highland areas.


Generally, seismic survey can be divided into two which are seismic refraction survey and seismic reflection survey. For land and shallow seismic survey, seismic refraction survey are commonly used. At GTR, we providing both shallow seismic refraction and reflection survey services.


Resistivity survey is one of a number of methods used in geophysics. Resistivity survey investigates variations of electrical resistance, by causing an electrical current flow through the subsurface using electrodes connected to the ground. 

Our Clients

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GTRSB actively involved in groundwater explorations, subsurface analysis, cavities detection, hot spring development, quarry potential, slope stability, tunnel stability, settlement problem and terrain mapping.